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Cyber PI The Original Cyber

Do It Yourself Background Investigations.

Work Place Investigations... 

Do You Really Know Who Is Working For You?
Your future and the future of your staff 
could depend on it! 

Do You Really Know Who Really Lives Next Door?
Your future and the future of your family
could depend on it! 

Today it is easy to find almost anything about anybody!

Today it is also easy to find almost anyone!

If you know how...

Background Investigations, Find people
                            and locate missing persons with Cyber
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                            searches,find missing persons,people
                            locators,locate lost persons, find anyone,
                            find lost children,searchable government
                            databases,Cyber-Detective,find deadbeat
                            dads,cyber detectiveYou Can Tap Into Legal Investigative Sources...

 You will easily learn how and where to investigate, perform or locate:

  • Credit information
  • Driver's records
  • Lawsuit information, civil and criminal
  • Employment screening
  • Criminal records
  • Asset identification
  • Your own FBI file!
  • Bounty hunter resources
  • Investigative information
  • Secrets of someone's past
  • Business records
  • Where to listen in on the police radios (scanner)
  • Find tax liens, property records, vehicle ownership and many other public records
  • Check on doctors, lawyers or other professionals. 

  • Determine their track records.
    Today's professionaI Investigators use specially designed membership sites to solve most of current investigating problems. The case is solved in minutes. Yet the billing can run many thousands of dollars.

    Yes, you can join the Professional Investigator's Computer Black Book, the secret database to access needed information and specific Web pages information banks.

    You will also have the tools and utilities to perform almost any kind of search for specific information. 

    Cyber  PI The Investigator's  Black Book Of Information
    Instant Use... 
    Start investigating in the within 24 hours. 
    Why wait.
    Order Now... Unlimited Use Of The
    Cyber PI Membership Resources Center
    For Two Years

      Powerful new easy-to-use CYBER PI Professional Resources Center enables you to investigate, find, track and learn anything about anyone just like a professional Private Eye, but (perfectly legally) without a license!

    The Professional
    INVESTIGATOR'S Resources
    Nothing To Download.
    Cyber PI The Original Cyber
                                  Detective background investigations,
                                  net detective,find anyone,find people
    Find long-lost buddies, relatives or no-goodniks who owe you money. 

    Uncover the truth about job applicants, prospective tenants, fiancee, ex-spouses. 

    Dig up the dirt on your nasty neighbor, your boss, that stranger with a business proposition.

    Verify anyone's income, assets, education, employment history and brushes with the law. 

    Unearth your own family secrets and check your credit report. 

    Track someone down from a phone number, license plate, alias or social security number.

    Protect your family, your business and yourself. Expose the sordid past of criminals before they rob you too or harm your loved ones. 

    Be your own detective for lawsuits, adoption, business disputes, child support, simple curiosity or reunions. 

    Begin snooping, spying, researching and discovering the lowdown just minutes from now!


    Whether for good or for mischief, this remarkable product puts practically the entire arsenal of highly paid professional investigators, skip tracers and researchers at your fingertips. Without any training or legwork, use the CYBER PI in the privacy of your home. Carefully guarded or buried secrets become yours with just a few clicks.

    Here are just a few of the dozens of things you can do with the 


    • Find people who have moved or changed their name.
    • Identify street addresses from phone numbers or P.O. boxes.
    • Locate relatives, old friends or deadbeat spouses you haven't seen in more than a decade.
    • Decipher the clues and paper trails nearly everyone leaves behind.
    • Exercise your rights to see public records and obtain FBI, CIA and other government documents through the Freedom of Information Act.
    • Perform do-it-yourself background checks as often as you like.
    • Learn about previous lawsuits, hidden assets, concealed ownership, tax liens, court judgments, criminal records.
    • Check the licenses, qualifications and disciplinary records of doctors, lawyers, accountants, contractors, even home inspectors.
    • Detect the identity of birth parents or children given up for adoption as well as their current whereabouts.
    You will have full two year unlimited use of all of our resources and databases. You will have one stop  to a place where you can easily search for anyone even check their personal, criminal records, birth records.
    The Exciting New
    Members Resources Center

    New Cyber PI


    Find out about the wealth of resources on the Web that enable you to shield yourself from others trying to find out about you or do you harm.

    Contrary to what some over hyped marketers claim, the Internet doesn't contain everything you need to find the dirt on someone or learn the truth about a carefully shielded piece of information. Some government sources are not online, while certain facts are available only through for-fee databases, if at all.

      Cyber PI Resources Center equips you for the most thorough search possible by listing all the offline public government sources of information that can be found throughout the United States. You get a searchable database of such information sources with complete contact information!
      Although most (about 85%) of the resources are free. The provided "for pay" resources ane included as this is the only way to get some specefic. These are clearly marked, you may chose to use or not.


      If you can connect to the Internet you can access the Cyper PI Members Resource Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week  from any computer.  When you join you will receive an email within 24 hours with the secret Cyber PI Membership Recources Center URL You personal ID and Password. Nothing to download.

    • Go through the listings and when you find something that interests you, click on it, a direct resource will pop up on your screen. You will have at your finger tips records of all kinds. 
    • Extensive and continually growing list of Internet investigative sources.
    • Special state searches, for Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers.
    • Public records sources database.
    • One-button access to the CYBER PI Investigative Reports Library.
    • Instant upgrades so that your sources are always up-to-date
    • Internet database locator.
    • Members-only Web site for related products.
    • Join the professionals become a Cyber PI now!.

    Cyber PI The Original Cyber
    100% 30 Day Total Satisfaction
    Money-Back  Guarantee

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